Silent-Strength Kindness

Virtual Presentations

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“Silent Strength is so much more than a school assembly. It is a message of hope, kindness, and acceptance. It is a story of forgiveness and redemption. Doug Reavis will cause your students and faculty to stop and reflect upon the power of our words and actions. Silent Strength is a school culture game-changer.”
– Dr. Anthony Mooney / 2019 Pennsylvania State Principal of the Year (Quaker Valley Middle School)
Students Grades 6-12
60 Minute School Assembly
(Grades 6-12)

"Today, my positive actions will speak louder than all of my words."

If you and you staff are looking for an additional positive message for your students – to help encourage the treating of one another with more kindness and compassion, then you MUST let your students hear this! Doug shares powerful images, heart-felt true stories, and inspirational life lessons learned from growing up with a little brother who was born with severe special needs. This incredibly powerful 60 minute presentation has been shared with tens of thousands of students, teachers, and parents and has been supplementing middle school and high school SEL, PBIS, Anti-Bullying, and school-wide Kindness Initiatives nationwide since 2012.
“The words BULLY and BULLYING were not used one single time. Yet, this was – HANDS DOWN – the best Anti-Bullying program we have ever had here. EVER!”
Faculty K-12
60 Minute Keynote Presentation
(Educators K-12)

"The Power of a Teacher's Kindness"

If you are looking for a powerful message for your conference, professional development, or convocation that will praise and honor your educators for all that they do while providing tremendous inspiration and motivation for your teachers to “Sit Tall” and continue changing lives during these very challenging times, then Doug’s Silent-Strength Kindness Keynote Presentation is a MUST hear! Doug couples statistical data with powerful true stories that illustrate the life-altering effect that an adult’s “Leading with Kindness” can have on the life of a child forever.
“By FAR – the best Convocation Speaker our school system has had in the 20 years since I’ve been here.”

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