Kindness Software For Schools
"You Uplift"

“You Uplift” is a web based Kindness Software for schools that performs the following actions:


Provides your school with a digitally customized Positive Submission Form for students to submit positive comments, messages, or displays about each other.


Provides designated staff members with the “Push Button” technology to APPROVE each student’s submission before it becomes visible.


Provides a Rotating Display of all Approved Submissions ONLY.


Creates a live URL link of your Rotating Display of Positive Messages, so that you can place them in the locations of your choice for everyone to enjoy (facility Smart TVs, school website, social media outlets, email newsletters).

"You Uplift" Platform Objectives

To uplift as many students and teachers as possible through the spreading of Kindness and Cyber Kindness.
To teach the intrinsic value of being kind to others.

Because students use the “You Uplift” Platform to send their positive messages anonymously, they will not receive any “likes,” “retweets,” “reposts,” or “shares” for doing so.

KINDNESS: “Being helpful without expecting anything in return.”

Because they will receive no personal recognition of any kind for making a positive submission, students that participate are doing so in the true spirit of kindness.

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