Virtual Kindness Wall

(Web Based Software License)

How it Works

Step 1: Submit Messages
Students, teachers, and parents anonymously submit positive/uplifting messages about one another.

Step 2: Approve Messages

The provided APPROVAL button gives you and your staff 100% control over which messages, images, quotes, and gifs will become visible in your Rotating Display.

Step 3: Display Messages

Your Rotating Display link of APPROVED messages can be viewed via email, classroom Smart Boards, school websites, social media, and facility TV Monitors.

Web Based Software

Virtual School Kindness Wall

This web based software application provides a platform for students, teachers, and parents to post positive/uplifting messages about one another while giving you and your staff 100% control over which messages become visible via the provided Approval button. All Approved messages will be housed in a digital Rotating Display URL link that can be placed in the locations of your choice for everyone to see (facility TV monitors, classroom smart boards, school website, social media platforms, and email communications).
(Note: There are no logins required in order to participate. We collect no information or data whatsoever, thus making the software compatible with all school privacy regulations.)
“This has been a GAME CHANGER! Giving kids the opportunity to spread love instead of the usual social media drama and negativity has been a blessing. I’ve even started reading them over the morning announcements!”
$299.00 / Year
(Unlimited Access For Your Entire School)
Purchase Orders Accepted