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Kindness Workshop

A positive school culture workshop for everyone in your school family.
  • Assembly for Students
  • Keynote for Faculty
  • Presentation for Community
  • YouUplift eWall training for EVERYONE!

Kindness Workshop
Student Assembly
“A True Hero”

This 60 minute assembly for students is an updated version of the Silent-Strength Kindness Presentation which has been shared with hundreds of thousands of elementary, middle, high school, and collegiate students and teachers nationwide since 2012.

Scene From Program Launch Date: April 26, 2012
Faculty Keynote
“Kindness: The World’s #1 Teaching Tool”
This Keynote defines “Kindness” as it applies to a leadership role and combines evidence-based research with real-life examples to show how “Kindness” is the world’s #1 teaching tool. This presentation will praise and uplift your faculty and staff for choosing the world’s most important career path and will provide everyone with additional “Kindness Tools” to help reach students of all ages and abilities!
(60 or 90 Minute Keynote Available)
Community Presentation
“If We Want to be Happy…”
Gallup Survey says that nearly 70% of all Americans are unhappy. This Keynote provides real-life teaching examples from parents, teachers, and coaches who used a wide variety of techniques in order to help teach students how to be happy. This presentation will include 6 specific, evidence-based concepts that every Educator and Parent can use to help reach and maintain their position in the top 30% and further help their students and children to do the same!
(60 or 90 Minute Keynote Available)
The Little Things
YouUplift eWall
Training for Everyone
The YouUplift eWall is the world’s first and only 100% POSITIVE messaging and display platform for school families and is currently serving over 4300 K12 schools worldwide.
This cloud based platform allows everyone to submit positive messages about one another, gives your faculty moderator 100% push-button control over which messages become visible, and automatically customizes and places all APPROVED messages into a rotating display in the locations of your choice (facility monitors, school website, chromebook notes, digital newsletters, social media).

Positive content of any kind can also be submitted (shoutouts, positive recognition, pictures, quotes, memes, animated gifs).
Demo Video
About the Presenter
(Doug, Denita, and David Reavis)
Doug Reavis is an In-Demand Professional Motivational Speaker, Author, and Co-Founder of the YouUplift Kindness eWall.

Doug has a combined 25 years of teaching and coaching experience at the Elementary, Middle, High School, and Collegiate levels. A former two sport collegiate All-American and Rhodes Scholar nominee, Doug earned All-American honors in football and Academic All-American honors in baseball during his senior year at Emory & Henry college (VA) where he graduated in 1990 with a double major in the fields of History & Social Sciences and Education.

In 2012, Doug launched the Silent-Strength Kindness Program that has since been shared with hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, parents, businesses, civic organizations, and community members nationwide.

In 2019, Doug, his wife, Denita (also a former teacher), and their son, David (BIT graduate of Virginia Tech), created and launched the YouUplift Kindness eWall, as the platform is currently serving over 4,300 Elementary, Middle, and High Schools worldwide.

Doug and Denita are college sweethearts and have been happily married for 33 years. The family resides in the quaint little town of Fancy Gap located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.