Doug Reavis

Silent-Strength Kindness Keynote
( "The Power of Leading With Kindness" )

As a Professional Motivational Speaker for Education Conferences, Leadership Seminars, Professional Development Programs, and Professional In-service, Doug’s Presentation, “Silent Strength”: (The Power of Teaching & Leading With Kindness) speaks to every teacher, administrator, and support staff member at every level of education.

Whether you are looking for a presentation that will praise and honor your teachers and staff for all that they do, or if you are looking for a presentation to help motivate and inspire all of your Educators to continue spreading the kindness that defines their profession, the Silent Strength Keynote Presentation is designed to do both.

Let Doug come and show your Educators just how powerful their positive influence can be on every student they come into contact with.

(60 or 90 minute Presentations Available)

Keynote Trailer