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About the Presentation

If you are looking for a powerful message for your conference, professional development, or convocation that will praise and honor your educators for all that they do while providing tremendous inspiration and motivation for your teachers to “Sit Tall” and continue changing lives during these very challenging times, then Doug’s Silent-Strength Kindness Presentation is a MUST hear! Doug couples statistical data with powerful true stories that illustrate the life-altering effect that an adult’s “Leading with Kindness” can have on the life of a child forever.
Silent-Strength Conference & Keynote Presentations
This can be a 60 minute or a 90 minute Presentation based upon the school or Conference’s preference and is titled “The Power of Leading With Kindness.” This Presentation also introduces Chris (and his positive impact on the world), but rather than focusing on “Kindness” as it applies in a peer-to-peer environment (as with the Student Presentation), this Presentation focuses on “Kindness” as it applies to a leadership role (a hierarchy-type environment). This Presentation combines statistics and data with real-life stories and examples (along with visuals) to show how a teacher’s “Leading With Kindness” is proven to have an incredibly positive impact on the lives of students forever. The underlying goal of this Presentation is to uplift and praise your staff for all that they do and to encourage them to keep “sitting tall” through these very challenging times, because, “They are the one profession that has the power to make this world a little bit kinder of a place.” (The YouUplift Kindness eWall is also included with this Presentation.)
Doug, wife Denita, and son David teamed up to create the YouUplift Kindness eWall for schools in honor of Chris in 2019. The platform gives students, teachers, and parents the ability to anonymously submit positive, uplifting messages about one another and gives your faculty moderator 100% push-button control over which messages will become visible, as the platform will automatically display your approved messages in the locations of your choice for everyone to see (facility tv monitors, smart boards, website, social media, and digital newsletters).