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Choose Wisely

I was thinking today about how beautiful it is that with everything in life, we have a choice. That with one single choice, you can abundantly change for the worse or for the better. Think about it. Being angry doesn’t make you do mean things. You choose to give into your anger rather than to …

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What Must I Do?

Your face appears weary Has your day been dreary? Your eyes seem a bit sad, too   I will do what I can To be a good friend Tell me, what must I do?   I’ll reach out my hand You hold what you can What’s left, I’ll grip harder onto   “I’m sorry,” I’ll …

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35 Random Acts of Kindness

Often times the cruelness of this world is numbing, heartbreaking, and an extremely sad reminder that our lives are fragile and our time here limited. I always find myself watching the news when a tragedy happens and thinking to myself, “I wish I could do something to help.” I often times feel as though I …

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When Pigs Fly

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

The Butterfly Lesson

The following was given to me by my Mom a couple of years ago. It hangs in a spot in our house where I can see it every day. However, I hadn’t actually read it for quite a while. But for some reason, I chose to read it again the other day, and it really …

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