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Choose Wisely

I was thinking today about how beautiful it is that with everything in life, we have a choice. That with one single choice, you can abundantly change for the worse or for the better.

Think about it.

Being angry doesn’t make you do mean things. You choose to give into your anger rather than to let it go.

You are not bitter because life hasn’t been good to you. You choose to focus on the negative moments rather than the good ones.

Your wants and desires don’t feed your addictions. You feed yourself by choosing what you want and desire.

Let’s make a choice today.

Let’s choose to be kind and to love and to smile. Make a choice to free your soul of the weight of regret and hate and darkness, no matter how long it’s been hanging there. Choose to help someone not only because it will help you, too, but for the genuine desire to lift someone else’s life. Don’t ever doubt how much you can change someone in that. Be tough. Tough because you are, because you choose to be. Choose to be good, because the world needs more of that. Believe that even though you are one, you can make a difference.

Choose to believe in how much you matter, because my goodness, you do.

Choose to begin something you have been too scared of; today you make the choice to be brave and strong and fearless. Because you are those things. You always have been. Make the choice to have a positive attitude, toward everything. Choose to keep an open mind, to have faith in something, anything greater than yourself. Choose to forgive someone who hasn’t apologized, because today you choose to be free. Make a choice not to deny the things that have hurt you. Choose to accept them, acknowledge them, and move on from them. Believe in the power of just a few kind words, and choose to believe how true it is that actions speak so much louder.

Most importantly, though, if someone else does not choose these things, know that you still can. If someone else is hurtful or unkind or unapologetic, they may require a little more light. Choose to make extra.

We don’t choose everything that happens to us in this life, but we choose how to react to every situation we are given. The sum of our entire life is based upon those choices.

How beautiful it is that with everything in life, we have a choice.

Choose wisely.


Written by: Ginny Reavis Thiele

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