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What Must I Do?

Your face appears weary

Has your day been dreary?

Your eyes seem a bit sad, too


I will do what I can

To be a good friend

Tell me, what must I do?


I’ll reach out my hand

You hold what you can

What’s left, I’ll grip harder onto


“I’m sorry,” I’ll say

That you’ve had a bad day

Tell me, what must I do?


I’ll make funny faces

Find your favorite places

To see a smile on you


I’ll bet on the moon

That you’ll be better soon

Just tell me, what must I do?


I’ll travel for days

To find new ways

To bring happiness back to you


I’ll study your likes

Stay up with you all night

Please tell me, what must I do?


I’ll put gas in my car

And drive really far

To a place with a beautiful view


I’ll wipe all your tears

While you tell me your fears

Tell me, what must I do?


I’ll take you to the city

If you think that’s what’s pretty

To make sure you aren’t so blue


Or we’ll count clouds in the country

‘Till it’s so dark we can’t see

I have to know, what must I do?


“Not one of those things

Could relieve my pain

And I’ll tell you why this is true


You see, I already feel better

Not so under the weather

Because you asked what you could do


The offer itself

The desire to help

Has made my heart feel brand new


I don’t need the city

Or the mountains so pretty

There is just one thing you must do


Just be who you’ve been

A genuine friend

Empathetic, honest, and true


By lending a hand

You’ve done all you can

In fact, more than you offered to do.”


Written by: Ginny Reavis Thiele

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