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Dad and Chris

Middle School Kindness Assembly

Created by Chris' Brother

Chris Reavis, profoundly brain-damaged since birth, never uttered a single negative word about anyone, never hurt anyone with his actions or deeds, and never asked a single thing for himself – all the while showing love and kindness to every single person he ever came into contact with – no questions asked. Chris lived his life like this for 14,971 days. Could you do it for a day?
Silent-Strength Pledge
“Today my positive actions will speak louder than all of my words.”
What Administrators & Teachers Are Saying:
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YouUplift Kindness Software

Created by Chris' Nephew

School Kindness eWall

100% POSITIVE messaging and display platform for schools.

A web-based, school-customized messaging platform that only displays positive content that has received push-button APPROVAL from your staff moderator (messages, shout-outs, pictures, quotes, memes, animated gifs).

  • Push-button operated
  • Works with Chromebooks or ANY device
  • Displays to ANY Monitor
  • 100% Privacy Compliant (No data collection.)

If You Want to Be Happy Kindness Book

Created by Chris' Brother

Free PDF Book Download

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