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(Brothers: Doug, Chris, & Mike Reavis)
“Today, my positive actions will speak louder than all of my words.”
-Silent Strength
In 41 years, Chris Reavis (profoundly brain-damaged since birth), never uttered a single negative word about another person, never hurt anyone with any of his actions or deeds, and never asked for one single thing for himself – all the while showing love and kindness to every single person he ever came into contact with – no questions asked.
Shortly after Chris’ passing in 2012, a local school teacher asked Chris’ older brother, Doug, if he would come share Chris’ story as a type of “Kindness Presentation” for his students.
With he and his family still coping with Chris’ passing (and having no clue if the presentation resonated at all), Doug returned home to find a small handful of messages written by a few of the students in attendance:

“I think Chris was smiling today.”

“I want to be more like Chris!”

“I’d like to thank Chris’ Mom and Dad for taking care of him all those years, because without them – he may not have had a story.”

And, that was the day that 3 anonymous messages… from 3 elementary school children… absolutely breathed life back into an entire family at a time when they desperately needed it.

The positive impact that those simple messages had was so powerful and so long-lasting that Chris’ family eventually began wondering, “If these kids were willing to do that for us… wonder if they might be willing to do it for each other?”
In 2018, Chris’ nephew, David, began the daunting task of creating the software code for a beta version of the “You Uplift” School Kindness eWall – which was finally launched just prior to the Covid pandemic.
The system allows users to easily and anonymously submit positive messages about one another and gives the faculty moderator push-button control over what content becomes visible. This guarantees that only POSITIVE content of each school’s standards will ever become visible.
And with this, the world’s first 100% Positive social media platform for students was created.
(Victoria – Picture Shared with Permission)
Over the next few years, schools would access the Kindness Wall by paying a subscription fee in order to cover the substantial costs involved in running the platform (server space, tech support, customer service, onboarding, etc.).

Then, in May of 2022 – two days after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, TX, we received an email from Victoria (a 6th grader from a small rural school in northern Maine).

Victoria said that everyone in her school was so sad about what happened, and asked if she and her classmates could possibly use the Kindness Wall in their school for a little while, so that they could try to support and uplift each other.
And, with Victoria’s request, the goal immediately became – to find a way to make the “You Uplift” Kindness eWall FREE to every school in the country that would like to use it.

As a result, the following Statewide Partners have chosen to Sponsor the “You Uplift” Kindness eWall – making the platform completely FREE to every Elementary, Middle, and High School in their state that would like to access it for their school families.
Doug has been sharing Chris’ “Silent-Strength” Kindness Presentation with thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students nationwide since 2012, and was asked to create a similar Kindness / Happiness Leadership Presentation for Faculty and Staff members…
… which he has since shared with hundreds of School Districts, Community Organizations, and Education Conferences nationwide as well (often launching the YouUplift Kindness eWall in the process).
Over the years, Chris’ story has now been shared with hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, parents, and community members, and K12 school families worldwide are currently using their YouUplift Kindness eWall to produce nearly 1 million positive pageviews per month…

… All because 3 elementary school students went out of their way one day to write something kind – for someone in need.
What Organizers & Attendees of All Ages Are Saying:
(Comments Among Hundreds Voluntarily Submitted to Silent-Strength)
What Organizers & Attendees of All Ages Are Saying:
(Comments Among the Hundreds Voluntarily Submitted to Silent-Strength)
If your School, School District, or Conference might possibly be looking for an additional positive message about the treating of one another with more kindness and compassion, then we would love to be of service to you and your school family!
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